Three Kingsville greenhouse operators have been granted re-zoning applications for medical marijuana operations in town.

This doesn’t necessarily mean operations will begin any time soon. All three applicants still require a producers licence from Health Canada before being able to grow the plants.

According to AM800’s Ricardo Veneza, there was little pushback to the re-zoning and Kingsville Deputy Mayor Gord Queen says it’s because administration did its homework.

"I think the fact that our planning staff have been working for months with the applicants to answer the questions ahead of time so there weren't a lot of surprises — definite factor," says Queen.

"I like strawberries better than marijuana, but I'm glad to see the growth in our industries," says Queen. "I think we're making progress. The more important thing is the fact that the public were present. The public didn't have any concerns or questions. I think that's the key thing."

The manager of planning services for the town is surprised there's been little fuss since the new regulations came online in 2013.

"There was almost no objection. As a planner it puzzles me. You're usually dealing with objection but, no — these have been fairly straight forward," says Rob Brown.

JEM Farms on County Rd. 34, Rico Roots Plant Farm on Road 3 East near Graham Side Rd. and DC Farms on County Rd. 34 have all received the needed re-zoning to produce medical marijuana.

-With files from AM800’s Ricardo Veneza