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Local experts, business owners shed light on Windsor unemployment survey results


Windsor’s unemployment rate rose a half per cent in November, according to the Statistics Canada labour force survey.

That gives the Rose City the highest percentage of unemployment across the country.

June Muir, CEO of the UHC Hub of Opportunities, points to two factors that could have contributed to the half-percent rise in unemployment in Windsor last month.

“Our job developer Andrea said that most employers are only looking for part-time workers,” she said.

Muir added that another factor is current lay offs at Stellantis.

“I don't know if those numbers count and then of course there's a lot of spin off jobs that are affected by that,” Muir said.

The half percent rise is surprising for a mother of a Tecumseh, Ont. business owner.

“My daughter has a new business in Tecumseh. It's a vegan restaurant called Copper Branch. She's been advertising for people and she's not getting anybody coming in looking for jobs,” explained Sue Furtado.

Muir said barriers, including transportation, language and child care, could also be playing into the high unemployment rate.

The labour force survey shows Windsor's unemployment rate at 7.6 per cent, which tops in Canada ahead of St. Catharine's-Niagara and Oshawa at 7.3 percent.

Muir however is optimistic the region won't be at the top of the list for long with the battery plant and supply chain jobs coming to the region.

“I think our future we're gonna see more jobs that are full-time decent playing jobs,” she said.

Entrepreneurs like Alex Merryfield hope to contribute to the rise of region's economy.

His waffle truck was at the 20th anniversary celebration of Savvy Boutique where Merryfield said he'd like to expand his catering business.

“Absolutely, this is our first year. We've had a lot help from friends and family and hopefully in the next year I can employ a couple of people in the city,” said Merryfield.

In the meantime, Muir is hopeful people can help support those in need.

She said visits to the food bank are up 22 per cent compared to last year. Top Stories


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