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Liberation Zone ready for extended stay at UWindsor


A Pro-Palestinian supporter is in for the long haul at the University of Windsor’s Liberation Zone.

“I'm here for as long as it takes,” the supporter said.

What started off as a demonstration by supporters has now turned into an area on campus students call the "Liberation Zone.”

Some demonstrators are spending the night in tents, something that goes against a university policy which prohibits students from staying on university property, in a vehicle, tents or a pop-up structure without written prior approval.

“They've encouraged us not to stay,” said Jana, one of the organizers.

Supporters are staying and demonstrating in a peaceful manner.

“Morale is high and people are so motivated to be out here,” said one supporter who wanted to protect his identity. “The community has been showing a ton of support and that's been great for us.”

The community, including university faculty, have stopped to check out messages displayed around the area and talk to supporters.

A Liberation Zone in support of Palestine is seen at the University of Windsor on May 13, 2024. (Bob Bellacicco/CTV News Windsor)“We don't have to stay,” Jana said. “They have to agree to our demands and then we can leave. That's a very easy solution for this gigantic headache for the university I'm sure.”

One of the signs set up in the area at the back of Chrysler Hall details demands set out by the group and include: disclose, divest and declare.

“Every single university in Gaza has been destroyed,” said a male supporter. “There are no universities left. Every hospital has been targeted."

So far, the group has offered different programming each day centered on various topics that relate to the conflict overseas.

“We are talking about solidarity as a whole and what it means to be a Pro-Palestinian person in the Western World like Canada,” Jana said.

The group has not directly spoken to administration but hope they will engage at some point.

“They know our names,” Jana said. “They know where to find us. Come to the Liberation Zone. Let’s have a talk.”

The university issued a statement late Monday afternoon acknowledging the ongoing protest.

“Working with organizers to ensure everyone’s safety and to ensure that they are fully aware of relevant campus policies and procedures,” the release reads.

The situation in being monitored and a university spokesperson said there is no indication the institution is looking to remove those in the encampment. Top Stories

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