The Town of Lakeshore is one step away from declaring a State of Emergency because of record high water levels on Lake St. Clair.

The town says it has upgraded its response by moving to a state of 'Enhanced Activation.'

That means emergency services are on standby and the Municipal Emergency Control Group has been convened.

The group will provide ongoing assessments on water conditions and review any potential dangers that could result in serious harm to residents or substantial property damage.

Officials say if these conditions continue, the town will take the next step and elevate the emergency response level to ‘Full Activation’ and declare a State of Emergency.

Sandbags and sand are still available to residents living along the water.

OPP auxiliary officers were stationed across the municipality Wednesday night to help residents fill sandbags.

"The water is rising higher and higher everyday it seems," says Shawn Brazil of the Lakeshore OPP Auxiliary Unit. "Something has to be done. This may be a band-aid on a bigger wound but if we can help a little bit."

"It's a great thing they got going here," adds Chris McDonough, a resident who is helping fill sandbags for his elderly neighbours. "It's helping everyone out and setting their mind at ease."

To date, the Town of Lakeshore says it has provided more than 80,000 free sandbags to residents to help them protect their homes.

Town staff have been assigned additional road patrols to monitor and visually inspect the shoreline and affected areas including roads, drainage and pumps.