WINDSOR, ONT. -- A Windsor couple struggling through medical and financial challenges say the help they’ve received from a generous stranger has been “overwhelming.”

Gerard Reaume and his wife Cindy are working through these hurdles as he has kidney failure and needs a transplant.

He is doing dialysis at home.

Cindy tested positive as a donor, but sooner discovered her kidneys were cancerous.

“When he’s going through dialysis it’s so hot in that room,” Chris Lauzon, the Reaumes’ daughter, said. “He’s sweating so much for someone who is always cold right now because he’s sick.

The family’s furnace broke down, and after hearing about their difficulties on CTV Windsor’s Sunday newscast, Craig Harris knew he had to help.

“My wife had cancer and it devastated our family,” Harris explained. “She pulled through.”

“It was very difficult to run a business and try to take care of my wife at the same time,” said the Harris Heating and Cooling business owner. “People don’t see that part of it and it’s difficult. That’s what you get married for. To take care of your family, wife and do what you can do."

Harris installed a temporary portable air conditioner Sunday night for the Reaumes then called Lennox.

“This family looks like its had a lot of downs. I’m looking forward to some ups for them,” Eric Bikkers, Lennox Territory Manager, said. “They will be more comfortable in their house. Hopefully that helps with a speedy recovery.”

Cindy was told by her doctor the cancer could be removed and the kidney could then be transplanted, so while the family waits, they now wait in comfort.

“It's just overwhelming what they're doing here,” Reaume said.

The family is very grateful for the gift.

“Just amazing,” he said. :So many mixed emotions. Happy. Joy.”