Officials at the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society say they will continue to protect animals at risk over the next six months while the Ontario Government develops a new animal welfare act.

The Ontario SPCA will not be enforcing the cruelty provisions in provincial legislation after June 28.

To ensure that no animal falls through the cracks, the province announced on Friday that willing humane societies and their protection officers will continue to enforce the law while the government develops a new animal welfare model.

The province released more details Friday on Ontario's interim animal protection model.

Humane society executive director Melanie Coulter says this is good news for animals in the Windsor-Essex community.

“Our organization looks forward to working with others to create a new animal welfare and law enforcement structure in Ontario that will be a model for other jurisdictions,” says Coulter. “And in the meantime, we welcome the opportunity to continue our current animal welfare enforcement work.”

In 2018, the Windsor/ Essex County Humane Society Protection Team investigated 838 complaints about animals in distress.

If you see an animal in distress or at risk, please call the Humane Society at 519-966-5751.