The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society is investigating a serious case of animal neglect and hopes the public can help. 

The shelter is looking for information after receiving a concern about a cat sitting on a rural road in Essex on Wednesday.

When the humane society officer arrived at Trembley Sideroad, she found a large orange and white cat sitting motionless on the side of the road.  

She rushed the cat to a veterinarian.  Officials say the cat’s temperature was so low that it would not even register on the thermometer. Her body was so cold it was shutting down her organs, and she was convulsing.  

Emergency care was initiated to raise her body temperature, and she continues to receive intensive veterinary treatment.  

In addition to her immediate medical concerns, the cat was found to have fur so tightly matted that it was trapping urine and cat litter against her skin.

Shelter officials say this appears to be due to ongoing neglect, and had been occurring for so long that the skin on the cat’s underside had become necrotic under the matted fur.
The cat, now named Elsa, would likely not have survived more than a few more hours had she not been found.  

Since she was rescued in time, veterinarians are guardedly optimistic that she will eventually make a full recovery.  
Elsa is about  4 years old. She is spayed and declawed.  She is overweight, weighing approximately 18 pounds.  

Anyone with information about who may have owned or abandoned Elsa is asked to call the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society cruelty investigations department at 519-966-5751, ext 16 or Crimestoppers at 519-258-8477.  You are not required to provide your name to make a report, and you may be eligible for a reward through Crimestoppers.