The Windsor and Essex County Health Unit has identified a cancer cluster in the Remington Park area.

The rate of lung cancer is statistically much higher compared to the rest of the city and province.

"Roughly double what one would expect if it was compared to ontario," says Dr Gary Kirk, Chief Medical Officer of Health.

According to the Health Unit, 24 cases of lung cancer were diagnosed between 2000 and 2009.

The expected rate is 11.

"It's scary. Especially when I have cancer in my whole family," says resident Michelle Seremack.

Vicky Berlasty says she wants answers.

"I wonder what from? That's my first question I would ask. What's causing it?" says Berlasty.

That's what the Health Unit hopes find out in its investigation but Dr. Kirk says it won't be easy.

"The next stage of the investigation really involves reaching out to those individuals or next of kin to get detailed info, to tell us if something we should chase down," says Dr Kirk.

Cancer Care Ontario conducted a survey of the area, after a concerned resident contacted the Health Unit about what she believed were a high number of cancer cases in her neighbourhood.

Dr. Kirk says there is no increase in rates among the other common cancers including breast, colon and prostate.

As for what might be the cause, he says the Health Unit has to be careful not to jump to any conclusions.

"We have to ask right questions to get the right info to determine if there is an agent that might be a cause here," says Dr. Kirk.