The Essex Region Conservation Authority is cautioning residents in certain areas of the Lake Erie shoreline due to forecasted high winds.

 Current forecasts are continuing to predict sustained wind speeds of 40 to 45 km/hr, with potential gusts to 65 km/hr, from the southwest today shifting to west later Wednesday afternoon.

The wind speeds are predicted to decrease Wednesday evening to approximately 30 to 35 km/hr, with potential gusts to 45 km/hr, and continue throughout the day tomorrow from the west.

ERCA says current lake levels are below flood watch notification criteria, however, with the duration of the predicted wind there is the possibility for near shore erosion with wave overtopping and spray.

In the areas of direct wave attack, there is also the possibility of potential breakwall damage.

The potential areas of the Region most affected by the winds are the south and west shorelines of Pelee Island, the western shoreline of Point Pelee National Park, the shoreline of the Municipality of Leamington west of Point Pelee National Park and along the shorelines of the Towns of Kingsville, Essex and Amherstburg.

ERCA says people should take extra caution and avoid shoreline areas during wind/lake wave events. The combination of slippery banks, waves, waves overtopping breakwalls and fast moving water can be dangerous.

Standing water can also present its own unseen hazards. Children, pets and livestock should be kept away from flowing, standing water and shoreline/breakwall areas.

The advisory is in effect until 12 p.m. on Thursday.