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Dresden dog to celebrate special first birthday on Saturday


Wally is one of six dogs at Charlotte's Freedom Farm in Dresden, Ont. with physical challenges -- he was born with deformed front legs.

“He's our only dog that's a candidate for prosthetic legs. He has really cool dinosaur print prosthetic legs. He got his newest set about two weeks ago,” said farm owner Lauren Edwards.

The huskie-lab mix has his front legs but they are stuck in a flexed position.

“He saw a specialist. There was nothing they could do to fix it so when he doesn't have his prosthetic legs on he's kinda walking on what you would consider like an elbow, on his elbows,” said Edwards.

Wally has adapted well to the prosthetics, his third set overall. The first set took him an inch off the ground. The second set four inches higher, and the third three inches higher than that.

“It's asking a lot outta them to find the ground and walk with these legs on,” said Edwards. “Wally just…no one could believe how quickly he took to them.”

According to the Humane Society, people aren't deterred from adopting pets with physical limitations.

“Often they get adopted quickly than animals without those challenges,” said Executive Director Melanie Coulter.

According to Coulter, pets adapt quickly to their challenges and the Humane Society helps new owners adapt to their pets.

“We'll talk to the adopter about tips to help them settle in, like a larger litter box, making sure that they can't fall downstairs,” explained Coulter. “Definitely we'll prepare people for the [pets] they are taking home.”

Meanwhile, Edwards is looking forward to celebrating Wally's achievements — after all, Wally is turning one-year-old on Saturday.

From 11 to 3 p.m. at Charlotte’s Freedom Farm the party is set to take place, and Edwards has planned a Super Mario-themed party.

“A whole fun day to celebrate Wally and just some fun at the farm,” she said.

Fun with Wally and his friends, some of whom also have physical challenges.

“We love to show the world how happy they are and how well they can do with their wheelchairs and prosthetics,” she said. Top Stories

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