It's almost time for the annual Carrousel of the Nations in Windsor-Essex.

This is the 44th year of the festival and the Multicultural Council of Windsor-Essex says it is proud to host the event.

A special launch event was held Tuesday, showcasing 20 communities as officials encourage the public to visit as many villages as they can.

“Our hope is that visitors experience as many new traditions and immerse themselves in as many new cultures as possible”, explained co-chair Allison Johnson, “Families and friends can take in three or four villages together and really get a sense of the diversity of our area. We want that tradition to keep growing as well- the idea of ‘carrouseling’”

“From its beginnings, Carrousel was about travel and movement; about visiting new places and people,” added Multicultural Council executive director Kathleen. “We want the community to go and be a part of all that our cultural organizations have to offer.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to ‘Carrousel’ over two weekends – from Friday, June 14 to Sunday June 16, and Friday June 21 to Sunday June 23.

The African Village is also making its debut in Windsor.

“We will have everything from braiding, head wrap tying to Nigerian games,” said Jasmine Clark. “We're going to have a fashion show. We will have dancers, music. We're going to have someone teaching the dances and a whole dance segment. It's going to be fun.”

There are four new villages this year in Leamington. The Caldwell First Nation, Italian, Lebanese, and Mexican Villages will all take place on Saturday, June 15.

“We are so thrilled to expand, both with new cultures and to a new area, and Leamington has such rich, unique, and active ethnic communities,” said Thomas. “It’s such a great fit, and we are looking forward to an amazing 44th year of Carrousel.”

Carrousel of the Nations celebrates the diversity and cultural identities of the ethnic groups of Windsor-Essex.

It is the only ethnic and multicultural festival in the region.

The event is a coordinated event between the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County and individual ethnic communities.

More information can be found online.