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City staff to weigh options on Windsor school zone safety


It's a continuing and constant concern in Windsor that is now being reviewed for potential new safety measures.

Annie Sheardown drops her eight-year-old son off at school every day, and every day, she says her patience is tested.

“It's pretty hectic and chaotic. You've got cars coming from both directions, trying to get in and out of the parking lot. Parking on the street, where there's parking allowed and not allowed. And as well as lots of people walking, trying to get to the school.”

Sheardown told CTV News it’s not uncommon to see close calls, as kids make their way into school.

“It's a little uncomfortable for me. I'm comfortable with bringing him up to the drop off area, but if he ever wanted to walk on his own, I don't know how comfortable I would be with that.”

The discomfort of parents like Sheardown, is exactly why Ward 7 Coun. Angelo Marignani says he’s asked city staff to look into addressing school zone safety.

“As far as issues and concerns are this has been a constant throughout my period on city council," he said.

At Monday’s council meeting, Marigniani asked if a partnership could be formed between the city, police and school officials to see if safety needs are being met.

"Let's look at each school. Let's have each councillor engage with each principal and see what we can do together," said Marigniani.

Whether it means switching up speed limits, adding lights or signage, relocating kiss and rides, or stepping up police patrols.

Marignani doesn't expect a one size fits all solution, but does expect staff to come back with an idea on how to proceed at the next city council meeting on March 19.

Sheardown said she's just happy the conversation is happening, adding, "I’m just afraid to see somebody get hurt." Top Stories

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