WINDSOR, ONT -- The “A Hero Lives Here” lawn sign campaign to thank health care workers is receiving financial support.

St. Clair College Alumni association has donated $3,000 to the health care lawn sign campaign.

College officials say many health care workers are college alumni including organizer, Dominique Gravel.

“We thought if we can put a large donation towards such a great project that we can reach more and more and really encourage more individuals to step out,” says Ryan Pebbles, board member on the St. Clair College Alumni Association board of directors.

“We understand this is ‘A Hero Lives Here’ campaign in regards to the medical field, such as PSWs, nurses, any sort of health care realm, but we understand there are heroes amongst us in every realm so any essential worker we really thought deserved a shout out and potentially increased the sign awareness campaign.”

Organizer, Dominique Gravel says with St. Clair College’s donation, she has purchased 300 more signs.

Gravel says there are now 750 signs printed for front yards across the region.

However, despite all the community support, Gravel says it will have come to an end at midnight Wednesday because this too is affected by lockdown restrictions.

“As of 12:01 Thursday, we will be pausing our campaign with the signs. Due to the spread of this virus, we want to keep our numbers low. We want to respect each other and stop the spread of this virus, keep everybody safe and at home,” says Gravel.

“As soon as it’s safe to do so, we will start rolling out these signs again within our community. Due to the donation with the college, from the alumni, we are going to take these funds and get these signs out as soon as it’s safe to do so.”