There have been some huge funding announcements this week at the St. Clair College School of Business and at the Miracle League baseball diamond in Riverside.

There was yet another announcement Friday.

The Windsor-Essex Community Foundation received a cheque for $2-million for its endowment fund.

The money is from People First of Ontario, a provincial organization which represents people with intellectual disabilities.

President Richard Ruston says they are excited about their new partnership.

“People First of Ontario is dedicated to promoting equality for all persons and assisting other people who are trying to speak up for themselves and make their own decisions,” said Ruston. “We will be the voice for those who have suffered, as we look forward and work for the people.”

The two groups will work hand-in-hand to ensure the money is put to good use in Windsor-Essex.

"When we look at WECF, the autonomy, the way they operate, what a great fit to be able to educate each other about what they do, about how we could enhance to ensure that people with disabilities are part of the conversations,” added Past-President Kory Earle.

WECF Executive Director Lisa Kolody says they welcome the opportunity to work with the members of People First of Ontario to support those who need it most through this legacy fund.

“These funds will provide long term options for creating positive impact within the community today and forever,” said Kolody.