A Windsor who terrorized a city neighborhood a year ago will remain behind bars.

30-year-old Richard Anthony Wallace was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison for his part in the manhunt that locked down several blocks in east Windsor last June.

A month ago, Wallace pleaded guilty to several charges including possession of a dangerous weapon, intentionally discharging a firearm and uttering threats.

Wallace was arrested after a shooting on June 1, 2016. Police say a man shot at a vehicle on Grandview Boulevard in east Windsor, prompting police to warn people to stay away from the area between Pillette, Riverside Drive and South National Street.

Later that morning, Wallace was seen walking with a long gun at his side. Police arrested Wallace at a home on Pillette Road.

Both the defence and crown requested Justice Greg Campbell look at a term of five years in jail, because Wallace’s actions caused “extreme emotional trauma.”

In his ruling, Justice Campbell called Wallace's actions "very troubling."

One of Wallace's custody conditions was that he not associate with his family, whom he had threatened on the day of the incident. But his parents are in failing health, so the court allowed him to contact his father before going to prison.

Defence lawyer Lisa Carnelos says it's been tough on her client.

"I would say, by and large, not being able to have contact with his parents with his family in the last year has been very difficult," Carnelos said after court.

Wallace has been in jail for more than 13 months and will be credited with 20 months of time served, meaning he will be behind bars for roughly another 40 months.

Carnelos says Wallace spared the court valuable time, by pleading guilty.

"Whenever you don't put the crown attorney through thier onus to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt you have to give considerable credit," Carnelos said after court.

When he gets out of prison, Wallace will have a lifetime ban on owning any weapon and he must also provide a DNA sample. Carnelos says her client is hoping to work on his substance abuse problems and his mental health while behind bars.