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Windsor fighter aims to inspire during his quest for gold


“I'm really excited to get in there tonight and prove myself.”

That’s what Jayden Trudell said while in Brampton trying to become a national boxing champion.

He says every bout strengthens his resolve to be a positive influence.

“Any other people bullied or assaulted before who feel bad, down on themselves, you know scared and have bad anxiety,” Trudell said. “That's not it right. There's more to that. There's stuff you can do.”

In 2018, Trudell was a grade 9 student at Herman when he was assaulted by three teens, who were later found guilty and sentenced. The now 18-year-old says he uses that experience as motivation.

“If I'm ever feeling down, don't wanna go to the gym, feeling bad oh don't wanna run I just go back and think about that cause it's my pure motivator,” he said.

Border City Boxing Club coach Andre Gorges is proud of his athlete's success and recalls a story involving his prized fighter after he won the provincial championship.

“His grandma comes to me crying and I said ‘what's wrong?’ She said she just remembers maybe like four years ago like it was yesterday the doctors telling his mom that she has to get her stuff together because he might not make it,” said Gorges.

The Holy Names grad says, for him, boxing doesn't equal revenge.

“I'm not trying to do it to get big and strong and go and beat the guys up who beat me,” Trudell explained. “It's more so I can prove to myself and prove to others and show others that I'm not a victim. I'm not a weakling right.”

His coach says Andre has taken a positive approach to becoming an elite boxer.

“He's seen these kids and he probably could get revenge on them but he's not looking for that,” Gorges said. “He walked away because he's just looking to change his name from Jayden the kid that got bullied to Jayden the champion boxer and he's doing that.”

Trudell is in the semi-finals against a fighter from Quebec. If he wins he'll fight for the gold Sunday at 1 p.m.

“Of course, I'm super proud,” he said. “I've come a long way but the job ain't done yet.” Top Stories

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