WINDSOR, ONT -- Ontario entered Step 3 in the province’s pandemic reopening plan on Friday, the final designation in the Ford governments reopening plan.

Health Minister Christine Elliott confirmed Friday there is no Step four.

“Once it is determined that we can safely go out of step three then we would go back to, I guess the new normal is what you would call it.” Says Elliott.

The government anticipates being in Step 3 for at least three weeks and Elliott says they expect infections will rise now that many restrictions have eased.

But they’re also hoping people continue to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Here’s where you can book a shot.

Moving out of Step Three will require, among other things, a vaccination threshold.

“We need to have 80 per cent of the adult population vaccinated with a first dose and 75 per cent vaccinated with a second dose,” says Elliott

“That is going to take time and that just depends on the willingness of people to come forward and receive the vaccines.”