WINDSOR, ONT. -- Ottawa is expected to reveal details Monday of how fully vaccinated Canadians can start crossing the border.

Windsorite Todd Shearon - who’s fiancé Reyna Holder lives in Michigan - isn’t optimistic Monday’s announcement will radically change their lives.

"Unlike her, I didn’t get my hopes up," says Shearon "Because I feel like we’re being continually disappointed by the situation."

The couple haven’t seen each other in six months, and their last two visits have been because Shearon flew to Detroit, and then quarantined when he returned to Windsor.

"She’s fully vaccinated and has been for a long time and I just don’t understand why she can’t come over here."

"I just think it's cruel, basically to make people wait even longer," says Windsor-West MP Brian Masse.

He’s upset Public Safety Minister Bill Blair tweeted Friday about the announcement coming Monday.

"If they have any information or changing it, they can release that now," says Masse.

He’s concerned any changes coming could further complicate the rules for families who are trying to reconnect.

"We might have families divided by age and eligibility to cross into the US and so-forth and that's why planning and openness and transparency is one of the most important things I’ve been advocating for."