For a second straight year, volunteers are going out in search of homeless people in Windsor.

It’s called the Point in Time Survey and Count.

Last year’s study showed on any given night, there are about 200 people living on city streets.

The count is conducted by the Homeless Coalition of Windsor-Essex.

“A Point in Time Count is an exciting step forward for us,” says Angela Yakonich, the community developer with the Homeless Coalition. “Using the knowledge gained from the surveys, it will allow us, as a responsive community, to create a plan of action tailored to our community.”

The group is looking for volunteers to help with this year's survey, which will be done on April 17 and 18.

Not only will volunteers go out and count the number of people who are homeless, they also want to talk to them to better understand the barriers they face in order to get off the street.

“Every survey and every volunteer who assists is helping us get one step closer to eradicating homelessness in Windsor Essex County,” adds Yakonich.

There are three survey time slots to pick from, and volunteers are encouraged to choose more than one:

·       Tuesday, April 17: 3PM –7PM

·       Tuesday, April 17: 8PM –11PM

·       Wednesday, April 18: 6AM –9AM

All volunteers will receive mandatory training, and they will work in teams and alongside staff of many different Homeless Coalition Membership agencies.

The program involves more than 60 communities across the country. It will allow for each community, using standardized methods, to gather both national and community-specific information about each unique individual and/or family who is experiencing homelessness. 

For more information or to volunteer, visit Point in Time Count 2018, or go to and search Point in Time Count 2018, or contact 211 and ask about Point in Time Count volunteering.