University of Windsor researchers have headed to the east coast for a special assignment.

The researchers are on the storm-ravaged beaches of Prince Edward Island assessing the damage left behind from Hurricane Dorian.

The group arrived in Brackley Beach on the island's north shore on the weekend.

It includes post-doctoral fellow Alex Smith and graduate students Brianna Lunardi and Elizabeth George, members of the Coastal Research Group, headed by Dean of Science Chris Houser.

The researchers first flew a drone over the shoreline to survey the devastation from the air. Over the next week, they plan on moving to Cavendish and Stanhope, also on the north shore.

Hurricane Dorian formed on Aug. 24, reaching the Caribbean two days later. It devastated the northwestern Bahamas, killing a LaSalle woman, before moving up the Atlantic coast into Canada.

The Coastal Research Group was in P.E.I. a few weeks ago, mapping the beaches and collecting data on sand dunes.

Houser believes his group was the last to survey the beaches before Dorian hit and is now the first to study the storm's aftermath in depth.