WINDSOR -- The 15th edition of the Windsor International Film Festival is breaking attendance records and it's not over yet.

Movie goers have been supporting WIFF by the thousands this week and organizers expect the momentum to continue this weekend.

"We've seen record numbers already,” says executive director Vincent Georgie. “It's been a very, very busy and strong start, some packed houses and really good Q and A's. It's really fun to see the audiences wrapped around the building."

Georgie says the attendance goal is 40,000 over the 10-day festival and he expects to hit that target with several more films and special events on tap.

"There are quite a few pieces, so lots of big films like “Official Secrets” and we're bringing in the famous drag queen Trixie Mattel to do a special event on Saturday night," says Georgie.

Several public parties are in the works too.

"We're having a giant party right after the Mark Boscariol 48-hour Flick Fest, so that's on Friday and on Saturday night we've got the drag party and on Sunday we've got a closing night party,” adds Georgie.

When WIFF wraps up on Sunday, it will have hosted over 277 screenings, 165 features and documentaries, and 13 short films.

Last year ticket sales reached 24,000 and 143 titles were shown.