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Penalties paused for Windsor’s residential rental bylaw

Landlords who do not comply with Windsor’s residential rental bylaw will not be penalized until the matter is addressed in court on Nov. 27.

The Windsor Housing Providers, a group of about 200 Windsor landlords, is challenging the city’s new residential rental licensing bylaw in court to have it thrown out.

Steven Pickard, counsel for the group, says both sides have agreed to a divisional court order that pauses penalties associated with the bylaw until the motion is heard in court.

“In essence, this makes the bylaw one of voluntary compliance. There is no requirement of anyone to abide by the bylaw. The city may not issue any penalties to anyone who is not abiding by the pilot,” said Pickard.

While the order states the City of Windsor may not subject property owners to penalties for failing to comply with the residential rental housing by law, it may continue to encourage voluntary compliance.

Landlords who do not follow regulatory bylaws such as building and fire codes, noise, yard maintenance, parking, waste disposal, etc. are still subject to enforcement.

Licensing applications are due on May 31, 2023. Owners of rental properties in wards one and two that contain four or fewer units are required apply for a rental licence for each unit they rent.

To secure a licence, property owners will need to take the following steps:

  • Complete a licence application form
  • Confirm ownership and show proper insurance
  • Provide a local contact for the unit
  • Show that the unit meets legislated requirements, including building code, fire code, and electrical safety standards

The licencing fee is $466 for the first year and $275 for renewals. Top Stories


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