WINDSOR, ONTARIO -- New attack ads about reopening the border are set to roll this week targeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and they feature a former Tecumseh, Ont. resident currently living in Michigan.

It’s the latest in a series of efforts by citizens and politicians on both sides of the border to repatriate families and reignite the cross-border economy.

"I need the border to open in three weeks. I need it to open now," says Lise Lacasse, the granddaughter of long-time Liberal Senator, Gustave Lacasse.

Lise grew up in Tecumseh but moved to the U.S. decades ago, currently residing just outside Detroit.

Her weekly trips to visit her family in Essex County were interrupted 15 months ago when the border closed to all non-essential travel.

But with her 91-year-old father’s health in decline, Lacasse is eager to see at least some restrictions lifted.

"It’s hard because I have always been able to just go and go and be with him," Lacasse says.

She’s written to the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, appealing to his love for his own late father.

She’s hopeful the shared sentiment will resonate — that families need to be considered essential.

"It’s hard. I’m asking him, please gift me with more time," she says. "Time is our only non-renewable resource. Please, gift me with more time, you can do this."

Now, she’s part of a full court press to regain the privilege to cross.

Her voice is part of the latest attack ad — targeting Trudeau — to get the border open.

The ads will air this week in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver, hoping to create the political will to provide some relief for families.

Prime Minister Trudeau has stated he wants 75 per cent of Canadians to be vaccinated before he lifts restrictions.

Stateside, President Joe Biden's target is 70 per cent for a full reopening by the July 4 holiday.

For Lacasse and people like her, time is of the essence.

"Let’s make our hope a reality. We’ve got gratitude coming your way, so that you shine," she says, hoping the prime minister shifts the policy when the current border closure expires on June 21.

"We don’t want a battle. We want to live."