WINDSOR, ONT. -- The leader of The New Democratic Party is calling on the federal government to help small businesses.

Jagmeet Singh says the Liberals have chosen to help big box stores and not small businesses.

As a result, Singh says many mom and pop shops have closed their doors.

“People in Windsor-Essex and across Canada depend on small businesses for services, jobs and to help your community thrive,” says Singh.

Singh is proposing large corporations pay their fair share.

Singh believes a pandemic profiteering tax would generate $8 billion in revenue for the government, which could go towards supporting small businesses.

“I truly don’t understand how big corporations can’t pay their fair share, especially when they are making record breaking profits,” says Michelle Rawlins, owner of M Squared Hair Works in Essex.

“I thought we were all in this together but I feel support for small businesses has been lacking,” she says.

Rawlins says it’s been an emotional roller coaster for small business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic.