Three Windsor-area New Democrat MP’s now have information they say they will take to Ottawa to pressure the federal government to develop an auto strategy.

Brian Masse, Tracey Ramsey and Cheryl Hardcastle met with stakeholders in the business community and the public during two meetings held Thursday at the Ciociaro Club to discuss U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to impose a 25 per cent tariff on Canadian made vehicles.

The three politicians say the government needs a strategy to keep the supply chain between Canada and the U.S. strong and keep jobs in our community.

"When the economy has a problem we're usually the first ones to experience it,” says Masse.

“We’ve got to think like the river binds us, the river connects us,” adds Hardcastle, the MP for Windsor-Tecumseh. “The border is not something that separates us, it's something that helps and entice and keeps us globally competitive."

Most of the people who attended Thursday’s meetings agree the federal government needs a new policy to protect the auto sector and fast.

“We can't control the unpredictable nature of the Trump administration, what can we control here in Canada," states Ramsey, the MP for the riding of Essex.

All three NDP members also want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to end his fight with Donald Trump to keep Canadian vehicles moving and residents employed.

“The reality is people have to pay a mortgage, they want to build a car, they want to build a product, they want to send their son or daughter to college,” says Masse. “They actually want to be successful."

Masse, the MP for Windsor West, says he'll be meeting with U.S. governors along with senate and state legislators in the near future to discuss the impact of auto tariffs.