If the Mayor of Windsor has his way, a vintage streetcar will be restored and shared with the community.

Drew Dilkens says he has started discussions with two businessmen in the community who have the old streetcar in storage.

“I am very excited about it,” admits Dilkens. “I hope to work out a deal so the City can take ownership of the streetcar.”

Dilkens tells CTV Windsor he would like the city to develop a plan to restore it and put it on display for the community.

Windsor was the first city in Canada to have an electric streetcar in 1886.

One of the owners of the streetcar is Van Niforos, the owner of the Penalty Box restaurant.

He tells CTV Windsor the streetcar, which is more than 100 years old, sits in storage at a warehouse that used to be the home base for streetcars in Windsor.

A company in New Jersey has expressed interest in the vintage streetcar, but Niforos says he doesn’t want to sell it to American interests.

“We’re not interested, it’s not for sale,” says Niforos.

But the businessman says he is willing to talk to the city and work something out.

“The city would do a much better job of sharing it with the community,” says Niforos.

The estimated cost of restoration is $500,000.

Mayor Dilkens says he would like to see it on display along the riverfront near the Ambassador Bridge.