WINDSOR, ONT. -- A company based in Comber, Ont. is providing much needed services to help keep the film and television industries afloat in Toronto.

Pulsar UV – provides on-location Covid-19 testing for actors and productions crews. The company has helped to fill the void in the film industry in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their staff include film professionals with medical backgrounds, ideally suited for the needs of productions – specifically, rigid health and safety protocols.

Pulsar UV provides the services that adhere to the recommended guidelines for COVID-19 in the film and TV industries. Their roster of on-site services include PCR testing, medical consultations, on-set nurses, medics, disinfection services, hand-washing stations and UV-C medical-grade air filtration.

In addition, the company also works with organizations to assist them in establishing and maintaining proper health and safety standards.

Once the Canada-US border eases – there are plans to work with businesses in both countries, in an effort to ensure the highest standards of health safety for workers.

Founder, Barbara Szeman, is hopeful that more businesses in the Windsor-Essex region will seek out her company’s services. Part of that plan includes a new division of the company called “Pulsar Health” – dedicated to addressing the needs of private and public sector clients.

"We've always been evolving our business and so we have been opening up to unique situations,” said Szeman.

“We have been in contact with people who have weddings coming up who are questioning our services, family members who want to get together and feel a little safer doing so, essentially. So we're open to the needs of the public."

For more information about Pulsar UV – visit the company’s website.