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'It’s not gonna bring my daughter back': Jury hands three men guilty verdicts in death of Windsor woman

Madisen Gingras, 20, was shot to death on April 1, 2020.

Her boyfriend, Jacob Reaume was also shot but survived his injuries.

Warning: contains graphic content.

After a trial that lasted 17 weeks and four days of deliberating, the jury of 12 people returned early Friday afternoon with their guilty verdicts for three men.

“I'm very happy with the verdict today,” said Brenda Gingras, Madisen’s mother. “They deserve to be punished for what they did. You know, what they did to her that night. It was horrifying.”

During the trial, court heard Gingras had her hands bound by a zip tie and a strap around her neck before she was shot at point blank range in the back of the head in her boyfriends car.

This, after she and Reaume were confined to a bathroom in a motel in South Windsor where the suspects played Russian roulette with the couple.

“I’m happy for the outcome of the trial,” said Brenda Gingras moments after the jury delivered their verdicts Friday.

They found Tameko Vilneus and Keermaro Rolle guilty of first degree murder and attempted murder.

“He's dismayed,” said Christopher Hicks, defence lawyer for Vilneus who added his client is a “strong” person with the ability to handle the conviction.

“It was a long and difficult trial. There were controversial moments. We need to think about this and get instructions from Mr. Vilneus and see what our next step is,” said Hicks.

CTV News was unable to interview Frank Retar, defence lawyer for Rolle, after Friday’s proceedings.

The third accused, Kyle Hanna, was found guilty of second degree murder but not guilty of attempted murder.

“Both Mr. Hanna and I are obviously disappointed,” said defence lawyer Harpreet Saini.

After delivering their verdicts, the jury was then given the chance to make a parole ineligibility recommendation to Justice Maria Carroccia to consider during Hanna’s sentencing hearing.

Saini explains why it was only up for consideration for his client and not Vilneus and Rolle.

“The parole ineligibility before 25 years only comes up in the context of second degree murder,” said Saini. “The others were found guilty of first degree murder. There is no parole, ineligibility before 25 years (served in prison).”

Here is what the jury recommended:

  •  1 juror recommended 10 years parole ineligibility
  •  2 jurors recommended 15 years parole ineligibility
  •  4 jurors recommended 20 years parole ineligibility
  •  2 jurors recommended 25 years parole ineligibility
  •  3 jurors made no recommendation

Nicole Lamphier and Delia Greco, the two Assistant Crown Attorneys on the case told CTV News they are “very happy” with the verdicts.

“The jury took their time. They thought everything through and we're really happy with their very thoughtful decision,” said Lamphier. “They’ve taken (time) from their family over four months. Away from their family. Away from their lives. Away from work. Everything. It's incredible.”

Lamphier and Greco both say a trial of this length and magnitude is “unusual” and expressed their thanks Friday not only to their office and the court staff but also WindsorpPolice.

“The hours they put in through this initial investigation. Unbelievable. The time they've devoted to us for every question we asked. Day or night, weekends, holidays, they were always there. We thank them for that.”

Justice Maria Carroccia thanked the jury in court Friday for their “careful consideration” and dedication in coming to “a just verdict”.

“Your service is now over,” Justice Carroccia told them. “You are free to go.”

The three accused didn’t show any out word sign of emotion after the verdicts and recommendations were delivered.

Their lawyers met immediately with each one, after Hanna, Vilneus and Rolle were lead from the courtroom.

The lawyers and judge will set a date for a sentencing hearing when they return to a Windsor courtroom on July 28. Top Stories

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