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'It’s just life changing': No need to sell home after Windsorite wins 100K

Stanley Darrell Dupuis of Windsor, Ont. is seen in April 2024. (Source: OLG) Stanley Darrell Dupuis of Windsor, Ont. is seen in April 2024. (Source: OLG)

Playing bingo in April made a local resident $100,000 richer -- and will keep him in his home.

“Oh my God, and I started shaking, but I was trying to keep it quiet. I didn’t want to make a scene,” recalled Stanley Darrell Dupuis of Windsor.

Those are the words used by Dupuis when he learned that he had just won big money.

“So, I get to my daughter’s and I’m crying, and I try to do the happy dance with three left feet,” he said. “She thought I was having a seizure. I said, ‘I won! I won! I won the lottery!’”

“No you didn’t,” said his daughter Crystal.

“Yes, I did!” said Dupuis.

For Dupuis and his family, the windfall could not have come at a better time.

The Canadian army vet and Ford Motor Company retiree was carrying some debt and was worried it would cost him his home -- but not anymore.

On Wednesday he and his daughter Crystal and her daughter Aaliyah went to the OLG offices in Toronto to claim the big prize.

“I almost lost it like I’m going to now,” said Dupuis. “It’s just life changing. It’s life changing.”

Moreover, it’s not just about helping his immediate family with the winnings -- he is going to give back to the community, too.

“I’m going to be helping three charities: [The] hospice is where I bought my ticket. I’m going to give them some. I’m going to give the Humane Society some, and, I’m going to give the Downtown Mission some, on behalf of my daughter,” Dupuis explained. Top Stories

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