Green Shield Canada, in cooperation with Family Services Windsor Essex, is matching donations up to $50,000 in support of local flood victims.

GSC is matching donations to support vulnerable residents living in low income areas, whose homes have been damaged by the recent flooding in Windsor and Essex County.

“Vulnerable individuals and families may be at increased risk of health issues, or may be unable to afford to replace basic necessities required for shelter due to the flooding,” said Steve Bradie, president and CEO of GSC, in a news release. “We hope the community will ‘give where they live’ and support people in need.”

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara says 20 per cent of the town was impacted by flooding. He says he's thankful for the emergency funding.

According to the City of Windsor, 2740 homes have been affected by the flood.

To qualify, applicants must download and print an online application form. The fund is intended to assist households with clean up, and removal of damaged debris from basement areas.

In circumstances where the basement area is needed to provide housing, and without repair would result in someone being homeless, and/or where the affected area is used for the purposes of generating the primary income for a household, the fund will assist with basic restoration of the affected area.

Households must access their home insurance coverage first and make application to ODRAP. The maximum amount available is $5,000. Assistance will be provided as funds are available.

“I’d like to thank GSC for responding to an urgent community need,” said Joyce Zuk, executive director at Family Services Windsor-Essex. “We are pleased to partner with them to make families safer and stronger in Windsor and Essex County.”

Family Services Windsor Essex County will be accepting applications until Dec. 16, 2016.

The public is being urged to donate to Family Services by visiting its website at or dropping off monetary donations at 1770 Langlois, or calling 1-888-933-1831 to donate by credit card.