It's a milestone for Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board.

It is celebrating all gay-straight alliances in all of its high schools.

Gay-Straight Alliance members from seven schools gathered Friday at Holy Names to celebrate the board’s acceptance of the LGBTQ community at an event called “We-Shine.”

“It's good to connect with the other GSA’s the same way other teams do, like on student council,” says student Katie Butler.

Educators and guest speakers like Nancy Campagna, whose son inspired the ‘Run for Rocky’, spoke about the importance of having Gay Straight Alliances in schools.

“We knew that Windsor had to be a friendlier place starting in our high schools for gay students" says Campagna.

Windsor Pride Community Executive Director Bob Williams says the progress made in the last year makes schools safer and more welcoming for students.

"It's a long time coming that we've had both the catholic and public school boards together,” says Williams. “If it helps saves lives, that's the most important thing is to make sure we have healthy students."

Members of the LGBTQ community say having the support of both boards sends a powerful message.