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Erie Shores HealthCare adds new mammography machine and expanded services


Erie Shores HealthCare has announced the introduction of a new mammography machine capable of contrast-enhanced imaging.

This machine is designed to expedite diagnosis and improve patient outcomes in the fight against breast cancer.

The new equipment, including the contrast enhancement and renovations to the department, cost roughly $700,000.

"The generous contributions of our community have significantly enhanced our ability to provide quicker and more accurate diagnoses. Events like the Yes Ma'am Fashion Show and the generous gift from Tania and Mat Iacobelli are instrumental in our advancements; we are deeply grateful. These contributions have a profound impact on the lives of our patients," said Kristin Kennedy, CEO of ESHC.

Introduction of Contrast-Enhanced Mammography

The hospital has introduced a new mammography machine capable of contrast-enhanced imaging, a first for the region. This advanced technology allows radiologists to detect unusual blood flow patterns, often a sign of cancer growth, making it easier to identify cancers at an earlier stage. The contrast-enhancement portion is funded by a $130,000 donation from the Yes Ma'am Fashion Show.

Streamlined Diagnostic Services

Erie Shores HealthCare is launching "Breast Days," an initiative that accelerates the diagnostic process for breast cancer. During these dedicated days, patients referred by their family physician will receive a diagnostic mammogram, followed immediately by an ultrasound if needed. Should these tests raise concerns, a biopsy will be scheduled within 72 hours. This expedited approach significantly reduces waiting times and streamlines patient care.

Expanded Testing Hours

Erie Shores has extended testing hours to six days a week to combat the backlog of cases, allowing for an additional 25 mammograms per week.

Renovated Space

Through a $25,000 gift from Mat and Tania Iacobelli, ESHC is able to renovate the space, making it a calming and welcoming environment for women. The new mammography machine is just one aspect of ongoing upgrades to the hospital's diagnostic imaging capabilities, supported by continuous fundraising efforts by the Erie Shores Health Foundation. Top Stories

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