The Essex Region Conservation Authority has issued a flood warning for the west coast of Pelee Island and downgraded Leamington to a flood watch.

Forecasts received by the conservation authority indicate that the west winds are to shift to the west northwest at 25 to 35 kilometres per hour with gusts exceeding 45 to 55 kilometres per hour.

ERCA says this shift in wind direction decreases the chance for damaging waves impacting Leamington, but remains a concern for the west coast of Pelee Island.

Pelee Island Mayor Rick Masse tells CTV News the island is in need of immediate help.

“We’ve reached out to both upper levels of government, feds and province, they're quite aware of what's going on in our community,” says Masse. “Unfortunately by the time they get there, it may be too late. I believe we're probably about a storm or two from losing our road."

In the affected areas, portions of the travelled road surface and private lands are covered with water. The public is advised to avoid areas where flooding is occurring.

People who must access these areas are advised to use extreme caution when travelling through floodwaters.

In the City of Windsor, officials say they have received 12 reports of flooded basements.

The homes are randomly scattered throughout the city, and it doesn’t appear any one neighbourhood was hit harder than another.

The city has also received reports of 24 blocked catch basins.

The advisory from ERCA meanwhile is in effect until 9 a.m. on Wednesday.