Emergency crews from across Windsor-Essex helped battle a massive industrial fire in Kingsville.

The fire started at Global Pack Packaging Solutions in Kingsville around 6:20 a.m. Monday morning.

Windsor's hazmat team was also called to the scene at 1928 County Road 3.

The company makes fruit and vegetable trays for greenhouses across North America.

The materials used to make those trays are mostly plastic and cardboard, which is what was burning all day on Monday.

"They're struggling. Look at the conditions they have to work in. It's terrible,” says Jason Marcovecchio, of Marcovecchio Construction, who owns the building that's now gone up in flames.

"I was in shock when I got the call. Global Packs on fire," he says.

His company rents out the space to Global Pack packaging solutions.

"He's not doing to good, no, he's pretty upset,” says Marcovecchio.

"At least it's at the back of the building and not the front, where his expensive machines are."

Kingsville Fire Chief Chuck Parsons says the flames and smoke are so strong, Leamington, Essex, Tecumseh and Windsor fire crews have been called in to help.

"It's been a particularly stubborn fire," says Parsons. “It's very hot. the conditions have changed multiple times to the extent that we did have a partial collapse in the back and that accelerated the fire."

More than 50 firefighters continued to battle the blaze Monday afternoon.

 "There's a lot of fuel in there, a lot of plastics, so we've gone defensive, pulled everyone out," says Parsons. "The fire has breached through the roof at this point in time, so we are going to hit it from the top… The crews at the door are trying to attack it from underneath."

The fire department has closed County Road 3 East from Spinks Drive to County Road 31 and it was attracting a lot of attention.

"We saw the smoke from Kingsville Stamping which is right next door,” says Jeff Marchand, who works close by.

Parsons says no one was inside the building when the fire started.

The cause of the fire and extent of damage is unknown.

The Ontario Fire Marshal has been called in to investigate.