WINDSOR, ONT. -- With water levels reaching record highs on Lake St. Clair, a long-term shoreline management plan has begun in Lakeshore.

The town held a public information session at the Atlas Tube Centre Thursday night to gather input and increase awareness on shoreline hazards.

Lakeshore budgeted $40,000 to have Stantec Consulting Ltd. and Zuzek Inc. analyze and map municipal shorelines.

Peter Zuzek says the flood mapping of area shorelines hasn't been done since 1976, so the first phase is gathering data.

"Collecting new information on the depth of the lake as well as information through aerial photos of the shoreline," he says. "This fall has really been about starting the study and collecting initial data sets."

He says the same concerns continue to be raised by residents.

"Even if they do a really good job with their shoreline protection or their (break) walls, there are neighbours that either can't afford or are not interested in upgrading," says Zuzek.

"There are places where there's a weak link sometimes that's not their own property that can impact them in a negative way."

Zuzek says a lot-by-lot approach may not be the best way to battle shoreline flooding and erosion.