WINDSOR -- The City of Windsor says some residents may have to wait a little while longer to have their residential streets plowed.

Thousands of residents across the region spent Tuesday digging out from a record snowfall.

Environment Canada says up to 20 centimetres of snow fell in Windsor on Monday. CTV Meteorologist Gary Archibald says some areas received upwards of 25 centimetres.

That is a new record for Nov. 11.

The City of Windsor says it had crews pre-salting roads early Monday morning and finished clearing snow from the main roads earlier Tuesday.

Now the city's focus is on residential side streets.

Executive Director of Operations Dwayne Dawson says that will take time since the city relies on contractors.

"It's a tough time of the year for them because most of the local contractors are still in construction mode," says Dawson. "Have a lot of open construction sites so a lot of their equipment is busy."

It typically takes 24 to 36 hours to clear residential roads.

"We're anticipating probably closer to a 40 to 48 hour time frame to get everything cleared," adds Dawson.

City officials remind residents that sidewalks are supposed to be cleared 12 hours after a snowfall.

Drivers are asked to use extra caution and reduce their speed, especially approaching intersections, due to the slippery conditions.

Drivers are also asked to be patient when travelling behind a plow and to give operators plenty of room, as following too close to a snowplow can lead to poor visibility.

The City’s Snow Angels volunteer snow removal program is still looking for volunteers.

For information on snow removal or any other City service, call 311 or visit