Friday is the last day for public tours at the historic Canadian Club Heritage Brand Centre in Windsor.

But the MPP for Windsor-Tecumseh wants to keep the centre on Riverside Drive open.

Percy Hatfield introduced a Private Member’s Bill at Queen’s Park, which would allow these types of centres to sell spirits, if it is 500 metres from where the alcohol is manufactured.

Currently, the law allows the manufacturer of alcohol to sell its own product on site, but not another brand.

Hatfield told the Ontario Legislature that the brand centre is an important piece of Windsor's history.

"The root of this bill is the Canadian Club Heritage Brand Centre in Windsor. Years ago Hiram Walker sold the rights to another distiller to produce Canadian Club Whisky. Because C.C. is now manufactured by someone else, the product can't be sold at the historic brand centre."

The company that owns the centre announced in February that it would end tours at the end of March, but it would honour booked events until the end of 2017.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens has met the owners in Chicago and he continues to press for a positive outcome.

"I have a meeting next month with the company" says Dilkens. "We're still trying to find ways to keep that facility going and it's just too important to let go, and the company has been very forthright to wanting to work with us to find a solution as well."