A new movement in Windsor is trying to help employers create a "more inclusive" workforce.

It's called the Workforce Innovators Network, or WIN for short.

WIN is a partnership between Build a Dream, Workforce WindsorEssex and the Carpenters Union Local 494.

The goal is to close the gender gap by helping employers hire and retain more women through guest speaker lectures, consultation and an online tool that can help employers learn how to attract more women to their industry.

Build a Dream President Nour Hachem-Fawaz says they can also help employers develop policies that can make the workplace more inclusive.

"We want to encourage companies to see the workforce as an opportunity for both men and women to succeed at equal levels and see that's the approach that they need to take," says Nour

Hachem-Fawaz believes some business people may not even be aware that they are discouraging women from applying for their jobs.

Build a Dream was created in 2014 and encourages young women to look at skills trades, science technology, engineering and math and other careers dominated by men.