WINDSOR, ONT. -- The last time patios were allowed to open was the end of March. Local restaurants are prepping for a possible rushed reopening.

"We got our staff here, we got construction here, we’re trying to do the hundred metre dash to get ready for our clients," says owner of Spago restaurant, Peter Vitti.

Like Vitti, many restaurant owners are working hard to get their patios ready to reopen.

"We are doing our thing. We are trying to get ready. We are trying to make improvements from last year. We are going to have an outdoor bar this year," says Vitti.

The government has set June 14 as the target date for restaurants to reopen and now says there’s a chance it could happen sooner.

"We are going to make it happen even if they tell us we’re going to open up tomorrow. If we have to work 24 hours a day will make that happen," says Vitti.

Many restaurants, like Wineology are hiring staff for what’s expected to be a busy summer.

Jean-Claude Boulos owner of Wineology
Jean-Claude Boulos owner of Wineology on their new rooftop patio (Alana Hadadean / CTV News)

"Some of them don’t want to come back. Some are happy getting paid from the government. We are having a meeting tomorrow and after tomorrow we are collecting all the people back and we might have to hire new people, so since I’m on the TV drop off your resumes guys whoever - if you’re looking for a new job," says Wineology owner, Jean-Claude Boulos.

During the shutdown, Spago is adding an outdoor bar while Wineology is working on a new roof top patio.

"This is considered the first roof top in Windsor. It was hard to put it together. The beam on the first floor, engineering basically construction, you have to build beams on the first floor to support more people on top. We did that during our construction last year because we had a fire," says Boulos.

"We are going to finish next week then we have some approvals to pass, some inspections and all that then we will have the AGC go over the permit. After this one or two days will be ready to open."

With finishing touches being put in place, both Vitti and Boulos say they are eager to welcome customers back.

"Us with dine in, we got hurt the most. Hopefully next weekend we will be back in business," says Boulos.

The government has yet to indicate when an announcement will happen, but it’s expected this week.

"I’m telling you, we can’t wait to get back to work. We can’t wait," says Vitti.