Windsor city council has decided to extend a program that will crack down on vacant properties.

The program began last August and city staff identified 750 empty buildings.

More than 140 are homes located in wards 2 to 5 and the city is working to force landlords to keep the properties up to date or have them demolished.

Council decided Monday to extend the program until July 2020.

Ward 2 councillor Fabio Costante says blight is the biggest issue facing the west end and he's eager to give the city the right tools to tackle the problem, and that includes a vacant building registry.

"it's time I think now that we do the most that we absolutely could, and this isn't a knock on previous councils, there's different circumstances back in the day, this is a new council and I'm hopeful that we're going to push the limits of the law when it comes to enforcement," says Costante.