WINDSOR -- The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County has launched their Social Prescription Program, with the help of Caesars Windsor Cares on Thursday.

The casino is donating $5,000 to help pay for prescriptions to things like a concert at the WSO, access to the YMCA’s gym or a visit to the Art Gallery of Windsor.

Social workers at hospice say it’s important for caregivers to take care of themselves before being able to care for the sick or dying loved one.

Mike Bennett says the program is new to Windsor-Essex but already popular across Canada and in the United Kingdom and is about “partners coming together to remove barriers and offer health teams alternatives to traditional prescriptions.”

Bennett tells CTV News doctors, nurses and health care providers at Hospice will be able to actually write a prescription, on a similar medical prescription pad.

One recent recipient says the access to a fitness gym “saved (her) life” and renewed her sense of purpose and optimism.

“This program allowed me permission to enjoy living, even as a caregiver.” She told Hospice.

They hope to help 150 families by Spring 2020 with the goal of getting more community agencies to sign on, to offer either discounts or free “prescriptions” to social interactions in the local culture, entertainment and leisure sectors.