WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor-based BBBranded, known widely for their “WinCity” line of clothing has printed a new line of t-shirts meant to inspire and raise money for the WE COVID cares coalition.

“This is actually the time for us to step up and try to help out, do whatever we can to give back to the community, that is what the brand represents,” says Ayad Saddy, owner of BB Branded Lifestyle and Sneaker Boutique and WinCity marketing. “Obviously leading by example we wanted to give back to a charity of some sort.”

The new shirts are a collaboration with the City of Windsor and the United Way of Windsor-Essex.

“Across Windsor Essex, individuals, families, businesses and organizations have stepped up to make a difference,” says Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens. “We’re all proving how YQG stands strong.”

Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island launched the YQG Stands Strong initiative as a way to support local businesses suggesting from lost revenues during the COVID-19 crisis. The signs are in many storefronts and windows across Windsor.

“YQG stands strong campaign is about showcasing and celebrating what makes Windsor Essex so unique, so special,” says Gordon Orr, resident of TWEPI. “You can tell people what you love about this community of ours, and you can shout your messages from the rooftop, you can post it on your socials and now you can wear it for everyone to see.”

Saddy says a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the shirts will go to support the Windsor-Essex COVID cares coalition, through the United Way.

Shirts are available for purchase on the website for individual orders and Saddy says businesses can also buy in bulk for employees.

“It’s for us to come together and show how strong we are. And that we won’t let anything, especially some micro-virus shut us down or bring us down,” Saddy says. “And right now it feels like we’re overcoming it so it’s a good time for us to just kind of get that momentum and go strong, stand strong, together.”