WINDSOR, ONT., -- While people across Windsor-Essex, the country and around the world are being urged to stay at home, getting the stuff residents need is becoming increasingly difficult.

A number of local companies are stepping up to help the most vulnerable people get essential goods during this time of need.

“This is a serious moment,” says Miraj Hossain, the founder and CEO of DeliverBae. “We have decided to launch a stimulus package.”

Hossain is a University of Windsor student and founder of DeliverBae. So far, he’s enlisted 10 volunteers to help with deliveries. Hossain is partnering with businesses to get their products out the door to as many people as needed, especially seniors, free of charge.

“That also helps in flattening the curve, which we are looking at try and doing, so people don’t really have to step out of their houses,” Hossain says.

DeliverBae is not alone in this effort. Men with Kilts Windsor is known for window, house and gutter cleaning services. Today, they’re helping in other ways.

“We felt there was a need in the community, we saw a lot of people, specifically the elderly that needed the help,” says Ben Snow, the franchise owner.

Men in Kilts is offering free prescription and grocery delivery to elderly residents. They will fill grocery orders, accept money via e-transfer and leave the order on their doorstep.

“Knock on the door, run off the porch, they usually come out, wave say thank you,” Snow says.

Snow has already completed a couple dozen deliveries this week and plans for a big day Friday — 60 home deliveries on behalf of the Kids First Food Bank.

“It’s been really good. It’s been humbling, it’s been overwhelming, it’s been a lot of fun to help people out,” he says. “We have the resources, a little bit of free time, might as well put it to good use.”

Hossain of DeliverBae admits his company could go bankrupt within two months by not charging for service — and he’s ok with that.

“It’s as much as I can give. I plead to every business owner. Give as much as you can and help out as much as you can,” Hossain says. “I’m willing to do it for the community and to help out everyone.”

Big gestures, during a time of considerable need.

“We just have to focus on what we’re good at and that’s being good people, helping out the community,” says Snow.

Men in Kilts Windsor can be reached at DeliverBae is an app-based service. The app can be downloaded in the App Store.