Transport Canada has ordered the removal of a number of wind turbines in Chatham-Kent near the airport.

Some pilots say they're a hazard to aviation, as planes fly in and out of the nearby airport. The machines may also violate federal zoning regulations.

"If you are coming in to land and you are unfamiliar with the area, especially if clouds are starting to get low, then you could end up much closer to them then you would like to be," says flying veteran Jeffrey Pyefinch.

He says the eight turbines Transport Canada has now ordered removed, should have never been built in the first place.

"The airport is protected by a federal zoning law regulation and the turbines were infringing on that area, so they should have never been allowed to go up in the first place," says Pyefnch.

Officials are now questioning how this even happened.

"Transport Canada did give them the perimeters, so why they ended up inside of those, I don't have an answer to that," says Chatham-Kent Essex MPP Dave Van Kesteren.

"We have to remember the safety of Canadians is paramount. These are the rules, rules are put in place to protect people and as a consequence, that got to come down," he adds.

Even though eight turbines are expected to come down, airport officials say an estimated 124 turbines are expected to be built in 2013 alone, completely surrounding the airport.

But Pyefinch believes removing the eight turbines won't make a major difference.

He says there should be no turbines within a 10 kilometre radius of the airport.

That means more than 100 would have to come down, which he says will never happen.

"With the Green Energy Act the province seems to feel they are free to jam these things down anyone's throat," says Pyefinch.