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'There's a deer in the swimming pool': Wayward deer caught on tape in LaSalle, Ont. pool


Cleanup is underway after a deer broke into the pool area of a LaSalle, Ont. recreation centre.

Video posted to social media shows a deer being chased by a staff member at the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex before the animal jumps into the water.

"My kid was at swimming lessons and he just got done. We were in the changing rooms and a parent rushed in and said, 'You guys won't believe this. There's a deer in the swimming pool.' I thought there was no way," said Francesco Siino.

According to Siino, who recorded the video on his phone, the deer broke into the pool area at approximately 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

While everyone else near the pool area started rushing into the changing room to get away from the animal, Siino decided to go back out and see the deer for himself.

"I just thought I need to get this on video because no one's going to believe me. If I told you a deer broke in, there's no way you would believe me," Siino explained.

He estimated the whole incident, from the time the deer entered to when the animal was removed by employees, lasted between 10 and 15 minutes.

According to LaSalle Mayor Crystal Meloche, the deer jumped through a window to get inside before it was "safely coaxed" from the pool and back outside.

"I do know that glass is an issue in the pool area and the pool will remain closed until the area is safe for the public to return," Meloche said in a statement. Top Stories

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