More than 100 residents in Tecumseh have expressed concerns about a proposed development at the former Victoria Public School.

It was standing room only for the public meeting held by Council Tuesday night.

28 residents commented on the application for a zoning bylaw amendment for the proposed residential condominium development at 12433 Dillon Dr.

The amendment would change the zoning from community facility to high density residential.

The original plan from Briday Development called for 94 units on the 5.6-acre property.

The London-based developers have reduced that number to 63 units, including 40 stacked townhouse condo units and 23 semi-detached, two-storey homes.

“We're going to look at all the concerns they had and hope to answer and ease all their questions and put together another wonderful development,” said David Ublansky of Briday Inc.

Still, many residents say they are worried about the higher risk of potential flooding, suggesting the aging infrastructure in the area can’t handle the development.

Other residents expressed concerns about an increase in traffic, a drop in property values and the fact the development doesn't fit with the area.

“I hope they listened. They definitely have a large amount of opposition, so I guess we just have to leave it in their hands,” said Tecumseh resident Brian St. Amour.

Mayor Gary McNamara stresses no plans have been finalized yet.

Council has directed administration to prepare a report from the residents comments for a second public meeting to be held at a future date.