A new Windsor marketing campaign is targeting residents in the Detroit area.

The More Windsor campaign is designed to help Detroit residents understand the benefits of visiting Windsor-Essex.

It includes the use of print and radio media in Detroit, search engine marketing and social media.

The campaign costs $70,000. It will be re-evaluated in the fall.

Windsor City Councillor Rino Bortolin says "Windsor is Detroit's best suburb."

Bortolin, the Chair of Windsor's BIA Advisory Committee, says the campaign will highlight all of the activities that are so close to Metro Detroit.

"From a 15 minute drive from your home, you have access to Windsor's fantastic riverfront, Erie Street, one of the best dining districts in the country," notes Bortolin. "15 to 20 minutes from wine country, then the beaches and the national parks."

The owner of Motor Burger on Erie Street, Jay Souilliere, says the warm weather already attracts Americans to his restaurant.

"We see people weekly from Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan that come through" says Souilliere, but he adds "the more the merrier."

Organizers hope for future funds for billboards in Detroit.