WINDSOR, ONT. -- A Facebook group created in Windsor, RVs for Canada’s Frontline, is pairing donated RVs with front-line healthcare workers in need of a temporary home to self-isolate after work.

RV owners and companies can loan their trailers to healthcare workers looking to self-isolate away from their families to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Ashley Oriet created the group a week ago after taking inspiration from similar initiatives in the United States.

The group now has over 1,000 members and has matched over 40 donated RVs with healthcare workers across Canada.

“Campgrounds are closed right now so RVs are just sitting in storage, sitting in driveways. They can be doing good in the community instead,” says Oriet.

Tyler Wallace, 23, a nurse at Windsor Regional Hospital is one of the first recipients of a donated RV.

“He said, 'Look we have to talk. I think I’m not going to be able to stay in the house for much longer because of the COVID-19 patients,'” recalls his mother, Colette Wallace.

A ready-to-use motor home was delivered to his front door within two days of putting out the call for help.

“I was shocked that a complete stranger would lend me something that was worth thousands of dollars; their pride and joy,” Colette says. “We’re Canadians helping each other. This is what we do best.”

The halt on travel has temporarily shut down Leisure Trailer Sales in Tecumseh, Ont. However, they decided donate their inactive RVs to healthcare workers in need.

"This is something that is just sitting on our property right now that could really be helping the front-line workers out there. They do everything for us every single day. This is the least we can do to give back to them,” says JT Raymond, service manager at Leisure Trailer Sales.

They’ve already delivered six RVs directly to the front-line workers, and plan on rolling out half-a-dozen more this week.

“We’re making sure that there’s water going to the units, the furnaces are working on them, and that they’re going to have hot water so they can shower and bathe,” says Raymond.

Healthcare workers in need of a motor home are asked to join the Facebook group to be paired up with a suitable lender.