In a little over a month, Windsorites will have to curb their garbage in a heavy duty container.

Beginning July 1, residents will be required to place all garbage bags in a hard-sided container. These trash cans must have handles, and a water tight lid, with the capacity of 125 litres or less. Alternatively, a pail with wheels and a capacity greater than 125 litres can be used.

The city says under the new bylaw any garbage bags placed at the curb as of July 1 will not be picked up. It’s all in an attempt to eliminate a food source for animals like rodents and skunks.

At the same time, an animal rights organization is calling on the city to stop the anti-skunk program. 

The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (APFA) says it's collected over 1000 signatures from residents opposing lethal action to control the skunk population.

The program gave residents with a skunk problem the opportunity to call 311 and have city staff aid in trapping the skunk.

For more information on the new garbage contained bylaw, you can visit the City of Windsor’s website.