Officials with the Essex Region Conservation Authority want updated information on flood mapping.

Director of Watershed Management Tim Byrne says the current flood mapping is out of date by about 30 years.

Byrne spoke about mapping, climate change and flood prevention at the board meeting on Thursday.

He says there's no end in sight to episodes of flooding and significant rainfall, so preparation is key.

The report also recommends environmental studies be performed on a broader scale.

"When a small developer comes in, in an area that is identified within the settlement area, if the hazard lands assessment hasn't been completed that developer then picks up the full cost,” suggests Byrne.

He also recommends the developer take on the full burden of doing the flood plain assessment for that development.

Byrne adds he wants municipalities to consider spending more money on flood mapping in their 2019 budgets, saying regional planning is a must.

Significant rainfall, up to 290 millimetres in some areas, from Aug. 28 to Aug. 29, 2017 brought major flooding to Windsor, Tecumseh, and other parts of Essex County.

A storm also dumped about 200 millimetres of rain on Sept. 29, 2016.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada estimates the claims related to flood damage from the two storms in Windsor-Essex Tecumseh and Lakeshore totaled nearly $250-million.